Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Challenge: Two Newbie Locations

If I were to name two locations in Second Life to show a new Resident, what would they be?

Well, if I'm going to be giving a newbie the ultra-premium tour de luxe of Second Life, that newbie is probably a clever one, bursting with raw creative will!! I want to expose that Resident to the amazing possibilities in Second Life, and get them started on the path to supreme excellence!

First stop: Jopsy Pendragon's Particle Laboratory!

Jopsy Pendragon is amazing. He is like a deity that reaches his hand out into the cosmos and gathers up the stars and nebulae and puts them on display for us mere mortals to gaze upon in awe. And he is a kindly god, too: his Particle Laboratory includes a free, first-rate self-guided tutorial about particle systems! How neat is that?

Jopsy's place is huge, with so many different particle-related things to see. I haven't even seen half of it, and there's more being added all the time! But there's one part in particular you definitely have to check out: the Cloud Chateau!

A still image cannot hope to capture the beautiful moving designs you will find in the Chateau; you'll have to see it for yourself. It's a great place to relax and get inspired, and I love to visit it! One note: if you try to teleport there (like from the link above), you'll be placed on the ground level. The Chateau is many hundred meters in the air, but luckily there's a handy elevator bubble that will take you directly there. Enjoy!

Next stop: The Photography Studio in Grignano!

The Studio is headed by Osprey Therian, a very cool gal with a very cool hat and a very cool gallery! There is a loosely-themed photography contest just about every month, with cash prizes (yay, money!). I've even entered a few of them myself!

There is a lot to see at the Studio. Downstairs is the studio proper, with backdrops for snapshots and a collection of "old-timey" snapshots. On the second floor to the right are a collection of books and other entertaining things. But my favorite part is the gallery, where the monthly photo contests entries hang in all their snapshot glory. Second Life has some very unique and talented artists among its population, and the Photography Studio in Grignano is a fantastic place to see the works of established as well as up-and-coming Resident photographers!

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Torley said...

I recommend both of these highly too, not just for the quality within, but the quality of the people running them — Jopsy and Osprey are SOOOO nice, ever since I first met them in SL. I'm happy these enduring establishments continue, and continue to be developed, to this day.

Nice picks, Jacek!