Friday, January 19, 2007

UI Abstraction Photo Contest

You may have read about the next contest at the Photography Studio in Grignano. I've submitted two images to the contest, which you can view below!

Both entries are based on a set of snapshots I did of one scene; every snapshot in the set was of the same scene from the same angle, but with different settings. The stark difference between the images below is the product of experimenting with how the many snapshots were layered and combined. The series is entitled "Welcome".

Click each image to view a larger size.

They will be hanging on the walls of the venerable Studio with all the other entries for the exhibit, so you should check the place out!

Also, if you're thinking of submitting an entry, you'd better hurry: the deadline for submission is tomorrow evening!


Roe said...

Wow! I love the camera angle!

Conveys a "Stepping onto a new World" mood, and a "High Noon Showdown" aspect to it :)

Your wings being visible in #1 is a very nice touch, undeniably J :)

The grid feels your presence!

Dixie Starr said...

You did enter good for you! I have been too busy. Maybe today.